Yankee candle fundraising is the most popular candle fundraising platform in the country. They offer a gifting service that allows an individual to raise funds for their cause. The candles are gifted to someone else and after that person pays, part of the proceeds go to their cause. Yankee candles are a renowned scented candle maker worldwide. They offer a variety of scents. They also introduce new scents every other season, but also maintain their original classic scents.

Create a “Seller Account on their Website

Through their website, one can view the catalog of their products, services and get an overview of how they can employ Yankee candle fundraising methods. The Yankee candle fundraising platform is a great option since it comes with several advantages. Getting access to their service is very simple and is free. Open the Yankee candle website on your phone or computer. Create an account and enter your details. After you sign in, you can find their known products such as Ball glass, Coleman, Crock, Woodwick and more. If you want to raise funds, you can register as a seller. The process is the same only this time, in the box marked “start shopping”, you select a “create seller login.” Then click on “sign up to be a seller.” This will also help the seller keep track of the sales that they make, as well as those of the friends’ on the PR team. After that, you can enter the addresses of people who might help you spread the word about your fundraising project. They will get an email notification to that effect. And as simple as that you are off to start your campaign. You are guaranteed a high volume of sales based on the fact that Yankee candles are the most loved scented candles in America. Due to their rapport made from previous successful fundraising, and the legitimacy of their company, people will be more likely to buy to support a cause endorsed by them. Also, Yankee candles have been accepted among the best gift to give in America. This is because of their quality and their scents that are very authentic and true.

Wide Selection of Products

These come in so many varieties and the buyer has a selection of over 150 products to choose from to perfectly fit certain moods and occasions. My favorites are the Balsam & Cedar, Midsummer’s Night, and Macintosh. Fourthly, candles are moderately priced. This means that people won’t need to think twice before making the purchase since it is easy to pay, more so for a product of such quality. The pricing begins at $7 for the cheapest item. There are seventy-five items priced $15 and below. That is a steal. The company then takes only 40% of the sales while the rest, of the sales revenue, is given to the person handling the campaign to put into their projects. That is very generous.

Shipping is Easy

Lastly, the items are packaged and shipped to all customers directly. This is done at a flat rate of $5.99 for deliveries across the country. For purchases above $100, shipping is done with no charge to the customer. One can receive the candles in bulk to sell in person, and also supplement that with online orders. These items are shipped in two seasons that is spring and fall. Here is a great product offered by a great company and reasons why you should choose Yankee candles to raise funds for you.

Who has tried this type of fundraising? Let us know additional information you’ve acquired while using this fundraising.

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