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Hello friends!  Just want to announce that we will be starting our planning committee meetings starting in March 2018.  Though, we haven’t determined the exact schedule yet, we do know that Chucktowner has been gracious enough to allow our team to plan the event at their space!  Plan to attend and take in all the action as we plan our upcoming event this year!

Tentative Schedule for Planning Committee Meeting

Date: March 12

Time: 6pm


1004 Mystic Drive

Mt Pleasant, SC 29464


Planning Day Details:

This planning event will take place at 6pm on March 12th and will consist of an evening of fun, food, and thoughts for our upcoming event this Fall.  As many of you are aware, there is a lot involved with putting on one of these events.  The sooner we can come together and start to brainstorm creative ways to improve our event, the better the event will be!

Do you have any innovative ideas to help us with this event?  We’d love to hear from you!

Here is how we see the day playing out:

5:30pm: Setup, food, and refreshments

6pm: Event starts, still awaiting people to show up

6:30pm: Kickoff with Chucktowner’s presentation, Sell My House Charleston Program

7pm: Start brainstorming session

8:30pm: food and refreshments

10pm: End of session

From all the idea submissions thus far, we surely have a lot to cover!  We want to make this meeting the most productive as possible.  That’s why we’re asking all of the planning committee to please plan ahead and try to make it.  Ideally we can all stay during the entire time during the meeting, though, we know that some of you will need to drop in and drop out at certain times during the planning event.

We need to know who’s coming!  Are you planning on attending the planning event?  Please let Karen know at your earliest convenience so that we can accurately plan our food and refreshments for the planning event.


Karen is still looking for volunteers to help with the day activities, and you can email her at

We know that Bart will be arranging the music and DJ for the planning party; Dave will be arranging the food and refreshments.

We hope to see you at the planning event!  Be there or be square!


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