There are many diseases plaguing us today. However, if there is one disease we can agree has been destroying us, it’s cancer. With the rising cost in treatment, lots of people who have been affected either directly or indirectly wonder what they can do to help ease the scourge of cancer. Well, there are quite a number of ways which you can use to help cancer patients. The main way is through fundraising. Therefore in this article, we are going to be talking about some five ways which you can use to help our cancer fundraising.

1 . Spreading the Word

This is probably the easiest way you can help us in our cancer fundraising. The reason behind this is that it doesn’t require you to spend money. You could simply talk about our cancer fundraiser on your social media platforms and through word of mouth and the message would spread. With this method, you will help us get more sponsors and hence more help.

2. Donating Money to Our Fundraiser

By donating you are giving a cancer patient hope. The treatment of cancer is an expensive as well as a physically draining treatment. We use the donated money use to support cancer patients with various items such as medicines. Also remember that fundraising also needs money because we have to pay our own bills. Therefore by sharing with us what you have you enable us to continue working to help others.

3. Volunteering

Nothing is more heartwarming than helping another person in need. You don’t have to send money, but you can spend a little of your time with us and help us help others. We know you are busy and that is why we extend this offer to you, you could come and spend time helping us according to your schedule. We can never refuse any help offered to us, remember, many hands make work light.

4. Starting a Non-profit Group

If you feel you have the skills and an idea, you could start a non profit group where you register a non-profit organization in your area and then request funds from the public. This is really nice because lots of people want to donate but also don’t want to be giving funds to a scam. The proceeds from the non-profit group could then be donated to us.

5. Sponsor Our Activities

If you are a business you could sponsor our activities. This are activities such as cycling events, expeditions and fashion shows. The main purpose of the events is to create awareness. Also, you get to interact with many people and thus create connections which could grow your business.


In the above article, we have gone through a few ways in which you can assist us in our cancer fundraising. We have seen that you can help us in many ways not only money wise but also through other avenues. Therefore, we have learnt that there is always a way in which you can help out in our cancer fundraising. To the fight against cancer!

Please get the word out and tell us if there is anything we can do to help you.

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