I want to talk about something today that I hear a lot of people struggling with, sometimes I watch people struggling with this and that’s asking for money. It’s really kind of funny if you think about it because here we are in the nonprofit world and we’re fundraisers and yet a lot of us are very hesitant fundraisers. We’re nervous about asking, we don’t like doing it, we find other things to do so we don’t have to actually ask for money and unfortunately that is going to slow you down big time.

If you’re not asking people to support your organization you’re not gonna have the resources that you need because nobody wakes up in the morning and says “I feel like given some money away today, I’m gonna go find a non profit.” Doesn’t happen that way you have to build that base of support around you and then ask them to give.

If you’re hesitant fundraiser and I’ll tell you what I was years and years ago. I got really good at doing fundraising from behind my computer. I didn’t want to go out and ask I didn’t want to risk the rejection. I was too afraid of what people might say or what they might think. If that’s you there’s a couple of things going on. I want to share these with you to start getting you thinking about how you can start to overcome it.

Change Your Mindset

So number one, there’s probably a mindset issue going on for you. You’ve either got some baggage around money and what money is all about, which means that somebody has giving you the belief or somewhere you’ve bought into the fact that money doesn’t grow on trees or money is the root of all evil or rich people are mean, rich people are snotty. Maybe you’re like this, people who have money are here and I’m down here and I can’t be asking them for money because we’re not even on the same level. So there’s something going on for you around mindset and the good news is you can start to adjust that. I tell people all the time the first step in any good 12 step program is acknowledging that you have a problem. So even if you just recognize that yeah that’s probably what’s going on for me then you can start to overcome them. So that’s one part of it.

Update Your Skill Set

The other part of it is not mindset it’s skill set and there’s a couple pieces of skill set. One is you may feel like you don’t have the right words you don’t know what to say and maybe you’ve tried to ask somebody to either donate a gift card for an auction or maybe you were asking somebody for money or maybe you were asking them for something else and you found yourself stumbling over the words. Where you just didn’t know what to say. That we can fix that we can we can really master. That’s about messaging and knowing exactly what to say. Knowing how to connect with somebody so that you inspire them and they want to give to support what’s going on in your organization.

Know How to Ask For Money With Confidence

So that’s one part of it, the other part is about knowing how to ask for that money so that you feel confident asking and you know exactly where that donors money is going to go and you can convey that to them so that people go “Yep, I’m in, my $25 is going to provide shelter and food and veterinary care for a dog in need.”

So I’m thinking that you probably have some mindset issues and frankly most people do around money or around what people are gonna think you may have some skill set issues you may have some hesitancy that’s related to confidence. Here’s the good news all of this is fixable. All of this it can be different you can learn what to say to somebody to inspire them to give. You can learn how to manage the timing so that people are excited and they want to help you. You can grow your confidence you can learn to handle your mindset.

Let Us Know If You Need Help, It’s All Fixable

All very fixable. If you want to learn how to do that so you don’t have to have your back at the wall eleventh hour going I need money to pay for this program or I need money to cover our expenses next month if if you want to get out of that hamster wheel of what am I gonna do about money I want to invite you to contact us. I’m gonna teach you how to go find the right people the people who are already in love with your organization’s mission and they’re ready to give .

I’m gonna teach you how to find the right words so that you know exactly what to say and how to inspire people and move them to give. I’m gonna teach you the words you can use literally if your face to face with somebody, I have a great ask conversation formula that I’ll show you how to use so that you can grow your confidence in asking and also develop your skill so that when you leave there you’re ready go try it out. You’re feeling pretty excited and you’re ready to go

So if you’re ready to leave behind the confusion, indecision the fear, and you would like to step into more clarity more confidence and frankly start raising more money for your organization then contact us and let us know.