As the global cancer fight continues, it is necessary to encourage an increase in cancer research with the aim of helping more people have access to reliable information on cancer diseases, prevention, management, and treatment. Below is an analysis of several reasons why it is crucial to conduct fundraising for cancer research.

Importance of Cancer Research Fundraisings
1. Enhancing cancer awareness among the people and medical practitioners
Cancer research enables collection of a lot of information on the causes, symptoms and possible treatment methods. Professionals in the medical field can carry out campaigns that focus on educating people on cancer with the help of this information. Such campaigns help the target population take preventive measures thus reducing the global number of cancer cases. The practitioners also get access to improved methods of approaching and treating cancer cases.

2. Cancer Research contributes to the advancement of the existing treatment techniques
To make progress in the fight against cancer, we need to keep improving the approaches already in use. Without any new information or technology, our people will continue to succumb to this threat. Through supporting research, scientists get an opportunity to explore and develop advanced methods of treatment.

3. To save lives
Cancer doesn’t recognize age, race, religion, financial status or geographical location. It attacks anyone from anywhere across the globe. Many people from all over the world are struggling with the disease and others facing the risks of being infected. If we don’t work towards devising new ways of tackling this problem, more people will continue to lose their lives. It is excruciating to watch your loved one go through so much pain, and the feeling of helplessness worsens it. Through making these contributions, we can all make the world a better place for everybody.

4. Supporting educational needs of potential healthcare professionals
The funds collected enable the organizations involved to offer scholarships to more healthcare professionals. Cancer patients need a lot of attention, and incompetent professional skills undermine the progress made in the sector. It is, therefore, vital to make sure that there are enough professionals to meet the increased numbers to ensure that all the patients have access to high quality and affordable healthcare services. By making contributions, you provide for easy access to medical assistance for patients.

5. Helps in creating a healthy living environment
Unlike what majority thinks, cancer research involves more than only establishing new drugs. The analysis allows the scientists to collect all the information related to the different types of cancer. Such information may include the appropriate diet thus improving the living environment. Through this research, you may also get to understand a specific practice you always engage yourself in thus saving yourself from the risk.

6. To assist the underfunded research centers

Carrying out scientific research is expensive and requires support. The scientists involved devote their lives to ensuring that the patients are getting the best treatment. Therefore, it is crucial for us to ensure that they have quick access to the equipment and any other requirements to carry out their research. A comfortable and well-equipped working environment will most likely result in positive findings and recommendations.
Through participation in cancer research fundraising, you have an opportunity to play an active role in giving hope to the cancer patients. You become part of the global community determined to ensure that the world is a better place for both the current and the future generations.

I want to tell you how to be a good friend to someone who has cancer. Cancer can make your friend feel isolated and you want to help them not feel isolated but also respect their space. I am a cancer survivor and I want to describe some ways that I was able to be comforted by my friends but also have my personal space.

The “Ring Theory”

I want to start off with sharing something that I found when I was first diagnosed when I was trying to tell people how to act around me and my family. This is called the “ring theory.” What the ring theory is, it’s pretty much how not to say the wrong thing. The middle is the patient, the outer ring is the significant other, parent, sister etc. The outer ring from that are true friends to the patient, the outer ring from that are the colleagues of the patient. How it works is you comfort in and you dump out. This is the most basic way to explain how to talk to somebody with cancer. So what happens is from the outside circle in you can only put in comfort to the circles that are inside and the smaller circles can dump out anything that they’re feeling pretty much.

Also Ask Before You Visit

So the first thing that I want you to remember to do: ask before you visit. You never know what kind of state your friend is in and if they want to see people. Of course they love you and they want you to visit, but being sick is very unpredictable. Always make sure and ask before you visit. You should also totally call and send notes. Even if I didn’t feel like responding at the time or I was too tired to respond to or answer the phone, just knowing that people are thinking about me and wanting to send me things really, really, really meant a lot to me. Make sure to call and send notes or cards it really means a lot to your friend.

Offer To Do Specific Tasks

Another thing that you can do is offer to do tasks or errands. One of the biggest questions I got was please let me know if there is anything I can do or is there anything I can do for you. That’s great and I know that it comes from a good place, but it only leaves the person to say there’s nothing to do, I’m good thank you so much for asking. First of all, chemo is real and we can’t think on the spot of things that we need to get done. The way you can help us a ton is say specific things that you’re going to do that will help. Like saying I’m going to come by and drop off dinner, I’m going to come by and clean your house for you or pick up groceries or set up a time for all of their friends to come and visit. There’s so many little specific things that you can do to help a cancer friend.

Send a Care Package

Another thing to do which was my favorite thing while going through treatment was getting care packages and things in the mail. It made me feel loved and at least give me something to look forward to.

Take Cues from Your Friend

Also take cues from your friend. People can be private and not want to talk about something and sometimes people can be super open. Take cues and learn from your friend and you know bounce off of their energy. Let your friend know that you care, check in on them, keep your promises, you say you’re going to be somewhere really do your best to not forget. Still include your friend in plans and let them be the one to tell you if it’s too much to handle. Try to make your friend feel as normal as possible as if their life isn’t on the line and completely changed and how it’s gone down this road that they never thought it would go down.

Expect Good and Bad Days and Educate Yourself

Expect your friend to have good days and bad days, mentally and physically. Expect even when they’re supposed to be having their good days from chemo that maybe they’re having a rough emotional day and you need to step back. Another thing that you should totally do is do research on your friends cancer, educate yourself and be able to hold a conversation and know the kind of treatment that your friend is going through. That will give you so many more opportunities to be there for your friend, really understand what they’re going through. Try to understand the disease the best that you can. If you do the research it’ll show how much you care.

Do Your Best to Make them Feel Cared For

The last thing I want to say to you as a friend of somebody who has cancer is you really realize who your true friends are, who is meant to be in your life, that you really sometimes never would have expected. Be the best friend that you can be and it’ll all fall into place. Remember that you can only do so much.

I think that I’ve given you a really basic list of things. The easiest thing you can do to just make your friend feel better. If you have any questions please let me know.


planning committee meeting

Hello friends!  Just want to announce that we will be starting our planning committee meetings starting in March 2018.  Though, we haven’t determined the exact schedule yet, we do know that Chucktowner has been gracious enough to allow our team to plan the event at their space!  Plan to attend and take in all the action as we plan our upcoming event this year!

Tentative Schedule for Planning Committee Meeting

Date: March 12

Time: 6pm


1004 Mystic Drive

Mt Pleasant, SC 29464


Planning Day Details:

This planning event will take place at 6pm on March 12th and will consist of an evening of fun, food, and thoughts for our upcoming event this Fall.  As many of you are aware, there is a lot involved with putting on one of these events.  The sooner we can come together and start to brainstorm creative ways to improve our event, the better the event will be!

Do you have any innovative ideas to help us with this event?  We’d love to hear from you!

Here is how we see the day playing out:

5:30pm: Setup, food, and refreshments

6pm: Event starts, still awaiting people to show up

6:30pm: Kickoff with Chucktowner’s presentation, Sell My House Charleston Program

7pm: Start brainstorming session

8:30pm: food and refreshments

10pm: End of session

From all the idea submissions thus far, we surely have a lot to cover!  We want to make this meeting the most productive as possible.  That’s why we’re asking all of the planning committee to please plan ahead and try to make it.  Ideally we can all stay during the entire time during the meeting, though, we know that some of you will need to drop in and drop out at certain times during the planning event.

We need to know who’s coming!  Are you planning on attending the planning event?  Please let Karen know at your earliest convenience so that we can accurately plan our food and refreshments for the planning event.


Karen is still looking for volunteers to help with the day activities, and you can email her at

We know that Bart will be arranging the music and DJ for the planning party; Dave will be arranging the food and refreshments.

We hope to see you at the planning event!  Be there or be square!


Are you interested in going out with friends and supporting a great cause? You found the right place, Dining With Friends is one of Charleston’s longest running fundraisers. What better way to support a great cause like AIDS/HIV awareness than trying some of Charleston’s best local foods and interacting with people like-minded as you. Every year Charleston restaurants put on a benefit where they prepare local delicacies while raising thousands of dollars for HIV/AIDS preventive care.

As one of Charleston’s longest-running fundraisers we have had the great honor of partnering with some great companies who are like-minded as we are. The festivities include trying restaurants best dishes as well as an after-party with live music and continuing to raise money for HIV/AIDS throughout the night.

Don’t get me started on the after party, Charleston pulls out all the stops for the best live DJ and live music available to kick off our afterparty. Drink the night away by listening to the local sounds of Charleston and raising money for a great cause. If you want to learn more about the Lowcountry AIDS Services (LAS) check out their website They help fund programs from men, women, and children affected by the terrible illness.

Together we can raise money and learn more about the culture of Charleston by participating in Dining With Friends. We’ll keep you up to date on the next Dining With Friends event and we would love to have more participation than last year. Year after year we continue to grow this benefit and we won’t stop until AIDS/HIV is eradicated.

If you have questions about this event, would like to donate or be a next year’s sponsor don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us! We would love to bring more people into our cause and have fun while promoting a great event. Let us know how you can help! We look forward to hearing from you.